How to backup an Eenos Hosting account?

The command line tool for creating a live backup of Eenos hosting account is as follows,

# /usr/local/eenos/scripts/backupacct 
Copyright(c) 2020-2023,
usage: backupacct [options] user 

Create a backup of eenos hosting account. By Default create a compressed backup

  user               Eenos user name to backup

  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --workdir WORKDIR  The directory to put the package
  --compressed       Compress backup into gzipped tar file (tar.gz)
  --archived         Archive backup into tar file (.tar)
  --nocompress       Neither compressed nor archived backup
  --skiphomedir      Exclude home directory backup
  --skipmysql        Exclude MySQL database backups
  --skippgsql        Exclude PgSQL database backups
  --skipmongodb      Skip Mongodb database backups
  --skipmailman      Exclude Mailman3 mailing list backups
  --skipemail        Exclude email accounts
  --skipbwdata       Exclude bandwidth usage
  --skipdiskusage    Exclude disk usage
  --skippublichtml   Exclude public_html folder
  --log              Enable unique backup log

If you like to create a backup of the hosting account myhost , run the following command.

/usr/local/eenos/scripts/backupacct myhost

By default Eenos will create a gzipped compress archive, this backup can be used to restore in another Eenos server.