Install AutoSSL ( Let's Encrypt ) certificates on domain or user

You can install Let’s encrypt auto SSL on a domain or user from server terminal using the following command.

# /usr/local/eenos/scripts/installautosslfordomain
Copyright(c) 2020-2023,
Eenos Auto SSL Setup Tool For Domain
This tool will help you to install Eenos Autossl powered by 
Let's Encrypt free ssl certificates from

Usage: /usr/local/eenos/scripts/installautosslfordomain  <options>=[values]

Command Groups:
    --domain=<domain name>      - The domain name that need ssl
    --user=<eenos user >        - Setup ssl for all domains on a user

To install Auto SSL on a domain run the following command.


To install Auto SSL on all Domains of a user run the following command.

/usr/local/eenos/scripts/installautosslfordomain --user=Eenos-User-Name